Cowboys/Seahawks Wild Card Game of the Year
Cowboys/Seahawks Wild Card Game of the Year

With the way the Seattle Seahawks and the Dallas Cowboys made light of the stretch of the period, I don't know either group merits a spot in the end of the season games. In any case, one of these 9-7 NFC groups will be one bit nearer to the Super Bowl finishing up Saturday's down.

Seattle played the greater part of the period without a year ago's MVP Shaun Alexander and Pro Bowl quarterback Matt Hasselbeck. Presently the two players are indeed sharing the backfield, yet the offense is yet to gel the manner in which it did a season prior. The verification is in Seattle losing three of its last four games.

Dallas likewise battled down the stretch losing three of its last four and apparently citizens may have been bouncing the weapon by placing Tony Romo in the Pro Bowl. Subsequent to driving the Cowboys to a 4-1 record in his initial five beginnings, Romo oversaw only two successes in his last five games. The Cowboys' breakdown wasn't all Romo's flaw. The safeguard permitted their rivals to score a normal of 33ppg in the last four rounds of the period. Maybe, the striving Seattle offense will help Dallas' motivation. Maybe…

Dallas hasn't dominated a season finisher match since 1996. ufabet That appears to be insane for a group which ruled the 90's in my brain. On the off chance that new history and season finisher experience are pertinent variables, Seattle has the edge. These things most likely would have been more relevant last season when the Seahawks were 10-0 at home. This year, Seattle is only 5-3 at home and dropped its last two at Qwest Field.

Romo end up being human down the stretch and his freshness could be huge factor. Be that as it may, his capacity to scramble and make plays will be an extraordinary resource. Seattle's genius backfield hasn't looked so super. The experience acquired last season by playing in huge season finisher games will help, however I couldn't say whether these folks have invested sufficient energy in the field this season to discover their mood. Dallas' safeguard was exceptionally strong right off the bat so we realize that it is competent, however it was horrendous down the stretch. This is the place where our triumphant point lies. Will Dallas safeguard step it up this week or will Seattle's offense at long last discover its mood? Jeff Alexander has gotten his work done and he's prepared to convey his 5 Star Wiseguy Wild Card Game of the Year. No handicapper has been exceptional in the NFL this season, and Jeff Alexander will demonstrate that he is your lone decision for the NFL Playoffs too. Get going your season finisher rewards with Jeff Alexander's immense Wild Card Game of the Year.

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