Bears Take on Vikes 2: The Ice-Bowl
Bears Take on Vikes 2: The Ice-Bowl

Could you request a more peculiar route for the Chicago Bears to endeavor to secure the division? Most importantly, Aaron Rodgers goes down to his second blackout of the year the prior week they play the bulldozing Patriots. At that point, in emotional design, the air pocket burst on the Metrodome, with film showing two or three thousand pounds of snow falling on the field like someone cut a monster sack of flour over a kitchen floor. At the point when it was resolved that the field couldn't be fixed on schedule for tomorrow evening's down, they moved the game…to an OUTDOOR school arena which was…wait for it…covered with significantly more snow than in the Metrodome. Add to this the way that Brett Favre and Tavaris Jackson are out and the Vikes will toss youngster quarterback/wide recipient/clipboard holder Joe Webb into his initial beginning. You can't make this stuff up.

Setting to the side the thought that it most likely ought to have happened to someone that it was conceivable snow may heap on top of a rooftop the size of some unassuming communities in Minnesota sometime in the not so distant future, TCF Field, where the University of Minnesota plays football isn't what should concern the Bears Monday night. The Bears have had two insult games this year; one against the Giants, and the other a week ago against the Patriots. They conceded they had gotten arrogant going into the Giants game; they had quite recently beaten the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers in consecutive games, and these were two groups that had been anticipated to vie for the NFC title toward the start of the period. Clearly things shifted over the direction the year, so that may have been reasonable if not forgivable. To have exactly the same thing occur in week 14 against a New England Patriot group that has been ablaze is another story.

The Patriots took the field a week ago and never gave it back. They were unmistakably more happy with playing outside in Soldier Field in what is commonly "Bear climate", gouging the Bears on the ground and murdering them noticeable all around. สูตรรูเล็ต gclub The score not long before halftime with five seconds left on the clock typified the Bears' absence of mental strength and core interest. Intellectually they were at that point heating up in the storage space, and took a monster center finger in the face from quarterback Tom Brady, who overlooked the call from the sidelines to take a knee when he saw Branch had single inclusion. Presently the Bears have another outside game and confronting a running back in Adrian Peterson who has killed them on the ground a few times. They can rely on seeing a great deal of him and Toby Gerhart with Webb in charge, which implies the Black and Blue division should satisfy its name in this game.

Consistency and center are what the Bears should defeat what characterizes a snare game. It isn't that their season is on the line, however it is a chance for them to show the psychological sturdiness to assume the misfortune at home a week ago and apply the exercises they ought to have learned in week four. On the off chance that the Packers lose to the Patriots today the Bears get the opportunity to secure the division and guarantee themselves a season finisher spot, something that numerous in Halas Hall urgently need to attempt to keep their positions in what was known as an end of the season games or bust season. Notwithstanding how Bears fans feel about keeping mentor Lovie Smith, group president Ted Phillips and friends, getting to the end of the season games interestingly since the group was in the Super Bowl four years prior is something they have been sitting tight for. What requirements to accompany the season finisher compartment is a group that is intellectually prepared for the means that come after that on the off chance that they need to keep away from a limited time offer season finisher run.

More than anything it has become certain that players like Brian Urlacher who have been now and missed the mark before are encouraging the remainder of the group to play like champs. Winning a division that has had too much ability players tumbling to injury won't be sufficient to get them the regard all NFL players say they hunger for. Regard is acquired, and it is appeared in the equipment that accompanies a merited triumph. The Patriots can be generally relied on to be holding up toward the stopping point if the Bears make it that far. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have demonstrated that they realize how to keep up their concentration and edge to the furthest limit of the street a few times before. The Bears need to move toward every single game as a test to thump groups of higher respect off their pedastals. So, they need to play to win as well as take the stuffing out of each group they face, and tomorrow evening that begins by ruling a group that ought to be ruled and wiping out the superfluous show by allowing the more vulnerable groups to stick around. They need to make this an exhausting game early and keep their starters off the frozen turf so they aren't harmed going down the final lap.

The Vikings are clearly going to depend vigorously on Peterson and the run game to keep pressure off Webb, however the Vikings are as yet perilous through the air and the medium reach pass game could give recipients like Percy Harvin, Sidney Rice, Visanthe Shiancoe, and Peterson himself opportunities to get yardage after the catch if the Bears are found sleeping once more. The Bears need to shake Webb early, keep his frozen feet rearranging on the frigid turf, and keep the tension on with the front four and a periodic wellbeing rush. On the off chance that/when the Bears start to lead the pack, they need to keep on beating them into accommodation a la 1985 to close the entryway with irrevocability.

On offense this is a game uniquely designed for Matt Forte. The Bears need to toss out the 7-venture drop through and through and beat on the Vikes perseveringly, basically at the edges and off-tackle utilizing confusion and counter hurries to get the guard moving the incorrect way at first and utilizing the frigid field for their potential benefit. The medium reach passing has been the place where the Bears have been best all season at any rate, so keep the drops short, use play activity, or simply utilize the shotgun or short shotgun to give Cutler some security and utilize the definite hands of Earl Bennett, Forte, Devin Hester, Greg Olson and Jonny Knox to get yards after the actual catch against the Vikings' presume optional.

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