Four Ways to Market Products to the Youth of America  

Four Ways to Market Products to the Youth of America  

There are many things companies can do to attract the huge teenage population that buys products for themselves and as gifts. While offering an Alien Workshop or Chocolate skateboards may seem like a novel idea, it has been proven that greater marketing      team building singapore,   success with this age group comes from more traditional methods. These methods include internet marketing, television commercials, celebrity endorsements and catalog mailers.

Most teens spend an incredible amount of time on the computer, surfing the web, catching up on Facebook and emailing friends. They are exposed to hundreds of typical ads at the top and sides of web pages. These ads are one way in which companies have found avenues for beneficial product or promotion advertising. Another way is through individual blogs where people actually discuss and rate the new products’ taste, function or performance. A third way to connect with teen on the internet is through their Facebook pages. Teens can send links and information about new products to their whole list of friends with just a click of a mouse. This simple action can greatly increase the popularity of a product very quickly.

Television commercials have always proven to be a great marketing tool for all ages of consumers. In order to target the teenage population a company will have to run their ads on channels like Bravo, MTV, VH1 and FOX. These channels’ programming is focused on the later teenage and early twenties years. A great example would be for a company to run their commercials during a show like American Idol. While it is very expensive to have commercials run during this prime time show, the exposure level to this age group is immense. Coke is a huge sponsor of American Idol and runs commercials filled with young people doing things and listening to music that is specific to their age group. Teens have become one of the main consumers of products that Coke has launched during these commercials.

Celebrity endorsements are very successful and important marketing tools used by companies to attract teenagers. The list of famous people making clothes, perfume, shoes, video games and restaurants is long and growing. Two examples of celebrities that are successfully selling their products to the teenage population are Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez. These two musicians initially attracted teens through their music on the radio. Now Britney is selling millions of bottles of perfume to those same fans. Jennifer Lopez went from being “Jenny on the Block” in lyrics to outfitting millions of teenage girls in jeans, tight fitting shirts and large belts. This cross marketing increases teen spending and allows musical artists to make money in other areas besides music


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